About Us

Government Street Christian School was founded in 1972 in Mobile, Alabama as a ministry of Government Street Baptist Church. Since that time, we have sought to provide a caring environment to nurture our community’s children in their personal growth in Christ. We are excited that you are looking into having your child learn with us!

Our Mission Statement
We aim to provide high quality Christian education in a caring, nurturing, and challenging environment, and to develop our students with both the desire and ability to fulfill God’s purposes for their lives.

Why choose a Christian education?
Choosing a Christian school is not just an alternative to public school, but a choice intended to see our children impacted by the Christian academic environment.

This choice will provide your child with:

A partnership between parents, church, and school.
This partnership is able to reinforce Biblical principles which families are already teaching at home and provide a team effort in your child’s development.

An holistic education
Our students are provided the opportunity to grow strong in their faith as we provide them the environment they need to develop into mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually complete beings.

A Christian perspective
A critical aspect of Christian education is that students learn to view life from a Christian perspective, rather than the secular perspective taught in many public schools today. We believe that education is never truly neutral, just as teachers are never truly neutral.

A loving, safe, and encouraging environment
Our intent at Government Street Christian School is to provide the highest quality of academic programs in a loving, encouraging, positive, and safe Christian setting.

Now enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year!

Prospective students are given an entrance test and interviewed upon acceptance. Registration fee is $300.