School Directory

Administrative Faculty

Bryan Townsend, Headmaster
Rebekah Smith, Assistant Headmaster
Kristy Townsend, Registrar
Jennifer Baggett, Before and After-School Director


Jennifer Baggett, K4
Fredericka Barnes, K5
Maci Land, First Grade
Teri Edwards, Second Grade
Renee Nguyen, Third Grade
Marla Young, Fourth Grade, Beta Club
Rebecca Quinnelly, Fifth Grade
Erin Burnett, Grades Six-Eight Bible
Trey Byrns, Ninth and Tenth Grade Bible
Paul Cannell, Grades Eight-Twelve Social Studies
Aaron Griffin, Ninth and Tenth Grade Bible
Alison Hughes, Physical Education
Missy Jones, Grades Seven-Twelve English Language Arts
Momentum Dance Academy
Sarah Jones, Grades Nine-Twelve Math
Skoti Newsum, Art
Sixth and Seventh Grade Social Studies
Rebekah Smith, Grades Six-Eight Math
Grades Six-Eight Science
Sixth Grade English Language Arts
Bryan Townsend, Grades Nine-Twelve Science
Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Bible